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    Rombus Group

    is one of the largest investment company in the world with a representations in the USA and UK. We specialize in – providing investment and broker services for financial institutions, corporative and private investors on the financial market.
  • Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change.

    Rombus Group

    Rombus Group-is a place, where the capitals from all of the world work. We have the best investment infrastructure, we buy and sell stocks of the largest companies as well as realize most ambitious ideas.
  • Planning is the epitome of our daily design process.

    Rombus Group

    We make unique tools for market analysis, develop technologies and products in order to make our clients more independent and wealthier. Our goal is to give all opportunities to our investors to achieve their financial goals, by taking hard work of market analysis and portfolio management on ourselves.

Founder’s quote

"Rombus Group — is a place, where the capitals from all of the world work. We have the best investment infrastructure, we buy and sell stocks of the largest companies as well as realize most ambitious ideas.

Alexander Green

Simple registration

We seriously take care of the security of our clients, so why we ask to provide your personal data (Name) and to enter the phone number to protect your account from hacking.


We regularly make contributions to the single insurance fund, with purpose to cover losses of clients in case of recession or force-majeure cases.

Our Goal

is to provide investors all conditions for achieving their financial objectives, taking all difficult job of analysing of markets and managing portfolios on our side.


Availability and profitability

By investing in Rombus Group, private investor can acquire profit in size of contribution equally as same as investment income of large companies

Truly high security

The company's website uses modern encryption methods and technologies to protect investors ' savings from DDoS attacks.

Professional management

Investment portfolios are managed by a group of specialists of Rombus Group, whose experience and skills are aimed at the development of clients capital.

Risk diversification

The risk of the diminish in value of the investment portfolio is minimized by the spreading funds between different financial instruments.


Rombus Group regularly publishes financial statements and information of the value of net assets, which allows investors to monitor the capital of the company as well as the growth of the value of their own investment portfolios.
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We pick up investment solutions for everyevery customer.

Our investors can choose appropriate investment plan with suitable investment conditions as well as obtain stable payments with full liabilities.

Payment systems

Our goals

Our main purpose is to accelerate profit of Rombus Group investors.

To be unique

We create innovative products where incarnated our experience and knowledge, global and in-house product development, which is aimed to increase profit on investments.

Finding successful solutions

We don't just sell services we give successful investment solutions for various different sectors and industries.

Continuously develop

We do not work for the short-term benefits, our goal is to create business that is efficient and competitive in the long term perspective.


Recommend to watch

We have prepared videos to get better acquaintanceship with the site and the company.

Our experts have made video materials that will help to our investors to get acquainted with the activities of the company and with our site.


We work under the investment license of the USA that guarantees our clients protection of their legitimate interests and safety of their deposits.

Fast withdraw

Our investors can withdraw money at any time via electronic payment systems

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Founder’s quote

«We always progressing and are constantly in searh of new invest markets, for increasing capitals of our customers.»


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