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Casino Cerise Casino Review Cerise is an appropriately named casino. For the record, cerise is a vibrant deep red color, and this site is unmistakably cerise. It is also partially purple, pink, black, and cream, as well as a variety of other colors that contrast with cerise. Indeed, the other components of this website do not fit together at all and have been coerced into an unholy marriage.

While certain features of Casino Cerise, such as the header and featured photographs, are pretty clever, others, such as the cheap and garish Times New Roman font used in some locations, are rather tacky. There is something — or rather, a number of things – about this site that is just not right. That is not to suggest the site is suspect, but it does not seem to be legitimate, to put it mildly.

Concerning Casino Cerise

Casino Cerise is not the most user-friendly website. That is the first information you should have about it. If you’re interested in learning more about this site, go to the very bottom of the homepage and click on the little down arrow icon to access a discreet menu. However, you will see that some of the connections function here. For instance, the About page’s link is broken.

If you shut your eyes and look attentively at the bottom right corner of the screen, you can barely make out the little writing verifying that Casino Cerise was founded in 2014 and is owned by a business named QuotaPartners. They are registered in Curacao, a very popular gaming jurisdiction that is also the simplest in the world to get a gaming license from. When it comes to customer service, live chat looks to be your sole choice. Casino Cerise is offered in around ten languages, among which are Portuguese, Norwegian, and French.

Luminous Bonuses

When you make your first deposit at Casino Cerise, you may earn a 250% bonus worth up to €500. Additionally, the website allows deposits in pounds and dollars. For example, deposit €100 and you’ll get a total of €350 to play with. Additional deposit bonuses and cashback are available for high rollers, but the only way to be certain is to write an email to the address listed on the promotional website. It’s difficult to image a player contacting an online casino specifically to inquire about the nature of any incentives that may or may not be offered. Why are they unable to just provide this information on their marketing page, where it belongs?

However, one further incentive is conceivable to reveal: a late night bonus that provides players with a 150 percent bonus or 50 percent bonus insurance on any deposit of €30 or more. This offer is said to last all night, however the actual duration is not disclosed. Casino Cerise’s promos website also mentions a daily lottery, where any player who has placed a deposit in the previous 24 hours is entitled to join. Five players will be randomly selected to receive up to €2,500 in extra cash. Additionally, daily and monthly tournaments and contests are held. To learn more about these opportunities, subscribe to Casino Cerise’s email newsletter.

An absence of banking information

There will undoubtedly be deposit alternatives at Casino Cerise, but good luck identifying which ones. There is nothing on the site concerning this, or at least nothing that can be gained without logging in. There isn’t even a payment provider logo at the bottom of the webpage to indicate what deposit or withdrawal methods are available. The more time you spend on this site, the more obvious its flaws become. There are so many things wrong with Casino Cerise, not only from a design standpoint, but also from a user experience one.

Points of Loyalty

As is the case with many other online casinos, Casino Cerise rewards players with comp points for their frequent play. These points may be accumulated and then redeemed for credits. Earn 250 points and you’ll be eligible to get €1 in playing credits. If you are a VIP, you may be eligible for a discounted pricing on comps. At Casino Cerise, the comp point incentive program is divided into many tiers. All players begin at the Green level and go upward as they play.

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